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Cameron must decide how Afghanistan fits into our grand strategy‘, ConservativeHome (28th September, 2010).

L’Entente Frugale: is the Anglo-French defence treaty a good thing?‘, Egremont (16th February, 2011).

Libya: Is David Cameron actually in danger of doing too much, not too little?‘, Egremont (1st March, 2011).

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Should the UK institutionalise its Wise Men?‘, Egremont (10th May, 2011).

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Could a lack of thinking ahead be our undoing in Libya?‘, Egremont (25th August, 2011).

Bad history is as much a risk to Britain’s security as bad policy‘, Egremont (5th September, 2011).

British foreign policy must be relevant and useful‘, Egremont (22nd September, 2011).

David Cameron has chosen the wrong replacement for Liam Fox‘, Egremont (17th October, 2011).

Iraq is a failure of the neo-conservative worldview‘, Egremont (19th December, 2011).

In foreign policy, common values do not mean common interests‘, Egremont (18th January, 2012).

How do you solve a problem like Iran?‘, Egremont (24th January, 2012)*

Iran might be many things, but it is not the Soviet Union‘, Egremont (25th January, 2012).

Western decline is not inevitable as long as we learn from our mistakes‘, Egremont (31st January, 2012).

We must cut the Gordian Knot of Afghanistan‘, Egremont (15th March, 2012).

The Ellis Doctrine: a step-by-step guide to when to intervene in a foreign country‘, Egremont (29th March, 2012).

Relations with Iran, Key to Solving Afghanistan‘, Atlantic Sentinel (11th April, 2012).

Talking to the Taliban will not solve our problems in Afghanistan‘, Egremont (19th April, 2012).

Can democracy save us from Pakistan?‘, Egremont (2nd May, 2012).

A British Empire could rise again…on American coat-tails‘, Egremont (27th June, 2012).

The West, Russia & Syria: Foreign policy is rarely a zero-sum game‘, Egremont (6th July, 2012).

Book review: “The Godfather Doctrine”‘, Egremont (9th August, 2012).

Arab politicians continue to use distant British history as an excuse for their own mistakes‘, Egremont (17th September, 2012).

From our own correspondent:With William Hague at the Foreign Office‘, Egremont (9th October, 2012).

The situation in Syria is appalling, but it truly isn’t in Britain’s interests to intervene‘, Egremont (17th December, 2012).

Think twice, Mr. Cameron, before arming Syria’s rebels‘, Egremont (18th December, 2012).

Mali is not another Afghanistan‘, Spectator Coffee House (24th January, 2013).

Why we mustn’t arm the Syrian opposition‘, ConservativeHome (19th May, 2013).

MPs must debate arming the Syrian rebels‘, Egremont (6th June, 2013).

Intervention is a powerful tool, it must be used wisely‘, Egremont (11th June, 2013).

No permanent threats, only permanent interests‘, Egremont (20th June, 2013).

* (Republished by Atlantic Community as, ‘We need more strategic thinking in the Iran debate‘, 7th February 2012)

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