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Britain needs William Hague

August 20, 2012


William Hague will not be a great Foreign Secretary, but the guy who creates the circumstances for someone else to be a great Foreign Secretary. If Britain is to have a truly strategic foreign policy in the early 21st Century, it is crucial that he stays in his job, not randomly replaced by someone far […]

Has David Cameron re-nationalised the national interest?

December 16, 2011


One of my bugbears is what I call the ‘internationalisation of the national interest’. It is the belief that the world has become so globalised and interconnected that every crisis is a threat to our health and well-being and that it is vital we are involved in sorting it out. The result of such a […]

Realism: to be sandwiched between craziness and naivety

June 21, 2011


Late this morning I tweeted sardonically, ‘If I had a pound for every pound I had for each day a government minister said Gaddafi is on his way out…’ The next thing I know, I’m being asked to speak on the BBC World Service about the surprising durability of the regime three months after our […]

A brief word on the 2015 withdrawal

May 31, 2011


How much of a political liability is David Cameron’s decision to withdraw the United Kingdom from Afghanistan by 2015? Pete Hoskin of The Spectator believes that if the country is still plagued by war by the time of the next general election, then Labour will ‘make play’ with the ‘prematurity’ of his decision. If they […]

Making sense of the 2015 withdrawal

March 6, 2011


The Foreign Affairs Committee published a report this week on Afghanistan and Pakistan, looking at how the United Kingdom has handled the conflict – especially the Coalition government. I have been following the inquiry since it began last summer and was excited to finally get my hands on its conclusions. From what I’ve read, regional […]

Afghanistan, the Conservatives and the national interest

January 5, 2011


That simple truth was reaffirmed last night: when in doubt, Hew Strachan. I had a breakthrough with my work on Afghanistan and the Conservative Party thanks again to his essay, ‘The Strategic Gap in British Defence Policy’. Since November, I have been struggling to write about the emphasis on the national interest in Conservative foreign […]

Tim Mathews: Time to talk, time to kill

December 13, 2010


This week will likely be dominated by Afghanistan, with Andrew Exum launching his new paper at CNAS tomorrow and the White House releasing its December review on Thursday. Perhaps as a last minute pitch to the review, a number of experts signed an open letter to President Obama last week calling for negotiations with the […]