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Finel goes too far…

August 17, 2010


…in choosing Raquel Welch over Faye Dunaway. I watched The Four Musketeers earlier, and asked which of the two is hotter. He chose…poorly. What are readers’ thoughts? (No bias at all in choice of picture…)

‘There comes a time to turn mother’s picture to the wall and get out’

August 7, 2010


Bernard Finel and I had another little fracas the other week, this time about his curious theory on secrecy and strategy. I replied to his reply the other week, rudely classifying it as a ‘quiet mopping-up operation’, and he has written a long and somewhat ‘testy’ rebuttal. Finel makes some fair points and concludes that […]

A quiet mopping-up operation

August 1, 2010


I like to use Sundays to sort out loose ends and tidy up little messes from the week previous so I can start the coming week afresh. With regard to the blog, there are a couple issues that need mopping up: Bernard Finel and me hating Jews. Finel wrote a curious post on Monday, arguing […]

Strategy, secrecy…er, what Bernard?

July 26, 2010


I’ve not taken much interest in the Wikileaks furore, mostly because I quickly came to the consensus view last night: it told us nothing we didn’t already know, but told the enemy so much Julian Assange should be renditioned and taken to Diego Garcia. The strangest comment to come out of it so far, at […]

Replying to Finel

July 7, 2010


Bernard Finel responded last weekend to my critique of him and Andrew Bacevich, writing an interesting history about the American military and its political masters over the last thirty years. As I say in my original post, Finel makes me think even if I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions, and his reply has some […]

Finel responds…

July 3, 2010


Bernard Finel has written a lengthy and good response to my post ‘RollingStan and civil-military relations‘. Well worth a read, and I’ll certainly respond as soon as.

RollingStan and civil-military relations

June 29, 2010


Andrew Bacevich and Bernard Finel are like Nietzsche; they make me think, but often the opposite of what they want me to think. They have both written pieces about civil-military relations, focussing on the controversy surrounding Stanley McChrystal’s Rolling Stones profile. Bacevich argues that long wars ‘are antithetical to democracy’; protracted conflicts encourage praetorianism in […]