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Some thoughts on the storming of the British embassy in Tehran

November 29, 2011


There were two concerns I had when I learned that the British Embassy in Tehran had been stormed today. One concern was whether any hostages had been taken, which continues to be unconfirmed, and I was also worried about the reaction of the “usual suspects”, for whom Iran is worse than Nazi Germany. England has […]

The West needs to drink a glass of man up!

November 3, 2011


These last few years have been tough for the Western Alliance and a dispiriting time for those like me who feel the well-being of the world is best served by Western primacy. It isn’t the rise of the emerging powers that has been dispiriting, but rather the self-pity their rise has engendered in the West. […]

Intermediary World Domination Reading List

November 1, 2011


For nerds, there are few things as fun as compiling reading lists. In May, Dan Drezner electrified the foreign policy blogosphere when he challenged writers to choose three books which would help politicians better understand international relations without having to take a graduate course in it. Since then, I have been thinking about which books […]