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A second foray into domestic politics: deep strategy or gossip?

August 29, 2010


The Guardian reported Friday that in private remarks, the Prime Minister said that the candidate he fears most in the Labour leadership election is the former Foreign Secretary David Miliband. His reasoning supposedly is that the elder Miliband might try to appeal to the centre ground unlike his brother Ed, who would take the Labour […]

Progress Report

August 29, 2010


It is almost three months since I began this blog, and I felt I should give readers a taste of what is coming up over the next few weeks. ‘Arguing Iran: The Sensible Centre?’ The second part in my series looking at the argument about What To Do With Iran? that Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent article […]

Republicans and the military

August 26, 2010


I have always been interested in American politics, and I often wonder whether I’d be a moderate Republican or a conservative Democrat if I lived in the United States. Since summer 2008, I’d have been a reluctant Democrat simply because the GOP has become pretty crazy. This happens when a party loses power spectacularly, and […]

Up to a point, Lord Copper…

August 24, 2010


Tim Montgomerie, the editor of influential blog ConservativeHome, has written an article in the London Times today (£) defending George W. Bush and his legacy. He credits the president with many deserved but underrated achievements, from Africa and his outreach to moderate Islam to a burgeoning special relationship between India and the United States. ‘The […]

Good this technology, ain’t it?

August 22, 2010


Thinking Strategically now has a page on Facebook and an account on Twitter. It’s pretty amazing, all this technologicalicity stuff. Follow both, or else…


August 20, 2010


Although I will persist in my series on Iran, I think the announcement today of direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority has made academic any discussion of military strikes. Netanyahu will not order an attack in the next week, at least; and there will not be one for a year at most, if […]

Some more Iran…

August 20, 2010


Arguing Iran: The Extremes

August 19, 2010


I have wanted to write about Iran since I started the blog months ago, and now would seem appropriate with Jeffrey Goldberg reopening the debate on whether the United States should attack the country to stop its nuclear programme. He has examined in depth the anxiety felt by Israel about the prospect of Iran acquiring […]

Good Lord…

August 18, 2010


I have been working on a post about the arguments around attacking Iran and not, which I hope to finish soon, but came across this video that is just, well, watch it. Have written three pages so far simply deconstructing this kind of dodgy neoconservative narrative.

Finel goes too far…

August 17, 2010


…in choosing Raquel Welch over Faye Dunaway. I watched The Four Musketeers earlier, and asked which of the two is hotter. He chose…poorly. What are readers’ thoughts? (No bias at all in choice of picture…)

Trident and the Tories

August 13, 2010


Benedict Brogan wrote a curious piece last week, which I didn’t manage to comment on at the time. He argues that Trident, our current nuclear capability, is a ‘sacred Tory cow’ that David Cameron risks meddling with at his peril. For some within the Party, Trident ‘goes to the heart of Tory identity and what […]

The New ‘New Taliban’

August 10, 2010


‘There comes a time to turn mother’s picture to the wall and get out’

August 7, 2010


Bernard Finel and I had another little fracas the other week, this time about his curious theory on secrecy and strategy. I replied to his reply the other week, rudely classifying it as a ‘quiet mopping-up operation’, and he has written a long and somewhat ‘testy’ rebuttal. Finel makes some fair points and concludes that […]